10 Best Old Chainsaw Brands To Help You Tackle Tougher Tasks

Everyone always gets excited about the history of the best old chainsaw brands. We’re curious about how each developed as well. Thus, we shall list the best of them available today. Whenever you’re wondering whether a particular label is a trustworthy manufacturer, feel free to use our list for reference.

They are practical chainsaws, easy to use, and suitable for different needs. More than that, they have a lot of power and the top build quality at the same time.

10 Best Old Chainsaw Brands To Help You Tackle Tougher Tasks

1. Jonsered

The outdoors in Sweden get covered with dense forest, taking up almost 75% of the nation. In this case, Jonsered power equipment is the best savior for you this time. With over 60 years of experience, the brand constantly gets recommended by the leaders of the field.

The engineers have developed the professional Jonsered chainsaw with many innovative features. Some are vibration damping, chain brake, and turbo air cleaning. Besides, they have made the pruning technique and provided this method globally.

Nowadays, both professional and amateur chainsaw consumers see Jonsered power equipment as a reliable co-worker in the forest. For them, this engine is not only lightweight but also efficient to use to nurture nature.

2. Stihl – Oldest chainsaw manufacturer

Another professional chainsaw brand not to miss from this list is Stihl. It’s the oldest chainsaw manufacturer that has a reputation in power equipment. The company is headquartered in Waiblingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

Among many best old chainsaw brands, Stihl is best known for creating long-lasting products. If you intend to find some vintage chainsaws, the brand is the top choice to make. It has been the largest firm on the globe since 1971. Afterward, Stihl determined to expand the firm by constructing producing plants in Brazil and the United States.

3. Mcculloch

You no longer get bored with garden chores with the help of McCulloch’s high-performance tools. In 1943, Robert McCulloch established a firm named McCulloch Motors Corporation. After moving to California, they made their first chainsaw.

Throughout the 1950s, McCulloch Motors expanded into new markets and changed its name to McCulloch Corporation. Apart from chainsaws, the company now has airplane engines and kart engines.

Currently, the brand delivers a full line of garden items, including trimmers, chainsaws, tractors, lawnmowers, and more.

4. Makita

As compared with other best old chainsaw brands, Makita owns great fame for being a pioneer in quality. So if you want to find professional tools, give Makita products a shot!

The brand sells different tools, including cordless angle grinders, cordless metal shears, screwdrivers, and slot mills.

Founded in 1915, in a city in Japan, Makita was known to sell and repair fixtures, motors, and other transformers. The first power tool from the brand got made more than 40 years later. It’s a hand-operated planer.

Though based in Japan, Makita factories can be found in Brazil, Mexico, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, and America. As a global brand, Makita has its best-in-class items at ten plants running in eight nations.

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5. Husqvarna

The brand delivers a full line of gardening tools and forest equipment, ranging from chainsaws, and mowers to robotic engines. Husqvarna is a Swedish manufacturer of power tools and one of the oldest running firms in the world.

Besides those products, the group also creates cutting equipment and diamond tools. It has been in this business since 1689. The firm got founded as a musket producer and started making chainsaws in 1959. After that, Husqvarna quickly turned into one of the most popular chainsaw manufacturers in the world.

Like Stihl, Husqvarna is one of the best old chainsaw brands that produce decent chainsaws. These tend to work so well and can tackle any harsh abuse.

6. PoulanPro

PoulanPro has always been a tradition for producing chainsaws. The company got established by Claude Poulan, a lumberjack in the 1940s.

Currently, its major focus is to offer low-cost lawn care tools and chainsaws to its clients. All of them are strong and innovative. That’s because they combine yesterday’s know-how with today’s modern tech.

For those who are searching for a good-budget chainsaw, PoulanPro is the most reliable brand to keep in mind. It provides a simple yet reliable setup and good power for your small and medium jobs.

7. Homelite

Founded in 1921, Homelite is a subsidiary of General Motors. In 2001, Techtronic Industries acquired the label from John Deere. At this time,  Homelite moved its production to light-duty chainsaws and garden equipment.

Better than thought, Homelite owns a chainsaw to fit your demands. Its electric engines are perfect for general work at home. Meanwhile, other gas-powered chainsaws from the brand are great for larger jobs.

Homelite is also famous for offering affordable and functional equipment to average homeowners. The brand is a good option for occasional use for sure. Its products can help you handle cutting jobs that suddenly pop up in the yard.

8. Echo

Echo is owned by Yamabiko Corporation, so all of its products are made by Yamabiko engineers. Echo Incorporated, a Yamabiko subsidiary, is in charge of distributing these products. It’s based out of Chicago, USA.

Whether you try to prune limbs or take down the entire tree, Echo chainsaws offer you a trouble-free life. Its engine often begins easily, runs smoothly, and delivers years of outstanding performance. Apart from that, the brand gives its clients a wider range of complementary accessories and parts for chainsaws.

9. Solo

With more than 20 years of experience in engineering, Solo has developed the best possible power tools nationwide. To sustain its growth, Solo signed a legal contract, creating the portable chainsaw intended for Husqvarna.

Over 32,000 Solo chainsaws got merchandised, which paved an expansion of factories in France and Australia. And after further expansion, Solo products keep being one of the world’s leaders in outdoor motor items.

Apart from this, they provide equipment to use in live events, motion pictures, and emergency cases. Solo also has garden care products and forestry technology you can trust. Each device gets made with the highest accuracy for serious users.

10. Black & Decker

Another long-lasting firm from our list today is Black & Decker. The brand has made power tools for over one century.

Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker began their store in Maryland in 1910. Six years later, they got the first patent for their handheld power tool. In 2010, Black & Decker merged with Stanley Works and became Stanley Black & Decker.

Till now, the company is still one of the globe’s largest manufacturers. It’s also known for offering excellent performance and non-stop innovation. The company remains driven by the passion for a commitment to serve all builders and protectors globally. With Black & Decker products, you can freely repair the house and car in high performance.

They also create fasteners that help hold the vehicle and devices together. What you value the most would get protected by its security systems.


Getting a high-quality chainsaw can speed up your work with less time and labor. After checking out the list of the best old chainsaw brands today, you’ll know where to get one. If you’re seeking some older models, find some popular brands from the past such as McCulloch, Homelite, and PoulanPro.