Jar Kelley

Are Farmers Rich In Australia?

Agriculture accounts for 3 percent of Australia’s gross domestic product, with a gross value of $60 billion in 2019 and $66 billion in 2020. But are farmers rich in Australia? Agriculture has been one of the most significant industries in this country, both in terms of domestic production and the value of exports. Given this,…

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Can Goats Eat Walnuts?

Goats are known for their ability to eat a wide variety of foods, including hay, fresh forage, and even some types of human food. Walnuts are a popular type of nut, and many goat owners may wonder if they can feed them to their goats. In this article, we will explore whether goats can eat…

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How Much Money Do Lemon Farmers Make?

The sour taste of lemon adds flavor to sauces, salad dressings, baked goods, drinks, and other desserts. These citrus trees are usually grown in tropical and subtropical countries, contributing significantly to their agriculture industry. But, how much money do lemon farmers make? Read on as we will explore more!  How Much Money Do Lemon Farmers…

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