What Is PTO On Tractor?

As a farmer, you are certainly familiar with tractors. This is an essential support tool for farming work.

However, have you ever wondered: what is PTO on the tractor? Do you have any basic knowledge about PTO?

If not, the following article is for you.

What Is PTO On Tractor?

PTO, also known as Power Take Off, is a tool used to power the implements attached to the tractor. It is mainly used to pull implements, to perform this particular job, the PTO needs to be attached to the tractor.

There are many things that you should know about PTO if you want to use it correctly and safely.

How Does A Tractor PTO Work?

People can use PTO to generate the power which a motor sends to the tools. This power will be converted into hydraulic by engine rotation.

Nowadays, people usually use liquids as energy, the mechanism is known as hydraulic. This use of hydraulics is able to quickly move big implements without too much electricity.

Power is transmitted through the drive shaft or Cardan shafts, which typically employ U-joints at both ends along with extension centers to allow for a wide range of angles and dynamic distances between the PTO and the implement.

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Classification Of Tractor PTO

Transmission PTO

Transmission PTO has been in the market for a long time. This is the simplest type of PTO. This type connects directly to the system of transmission.

It hits the PTO on the tractor and you can not drive the PTO whenever you press the tractor clutch.

Two-stage PTO

This kind of PTO comes with a two-stage clutch transmission. If you press to the center of the clutch, the first stage allows the PTO shaft to begin running.

On the other side, in the second stage, you can command the association of the PTO.

In a short time, this will create a disconnection between the protonation of transmission and the operation of tractor PTO.

Independent PTO

This type of PTO is the perfect one for most tractor branches. It is equipped with a clutch, which is controlled differently from the tractor’s gearbox.

Independent PTOs have two types: one is mechanical and the other is hydraulic.

Economy PTO on the tractor

This type of PTO allows the tractor to operate at a lower RPM ( Revolutions Per Minute), at 540 RPM.

Farmers can save fuel, and reduce vibration and noise by using this type of PTO.

This is the best PTO for a wide range of tools including balers, lawnmowers, and tillers.

Reverse PTO

This kind of PTO is used to opposite rotate the direction of the tractor. By using the button, farmers can easily adjust the direction of the tractor when in need.

Reverse PTO is ideal when agricultural equipment is stuck and work in the field cannot be performed.

Basic Uses Of PTO

PTO is used to transmit the power of an engine to components that are attached to the tractor. It is primarily applied in hydraulic pumps.

In this use, the pump produces a flow of hydraulic that leads to the motor and hydraulic cylinder to do the job.

In many applications, the PTO supplies the power as a rotary pump.

How To Attach PTO On The Tractor

  • Line up the hitch points. Put the tractor in neutral. Then you should set the parking brake and turn it off.
  • Drop the hitch pin through the holes. Secure with the cotter pin.
  • Release the PTO shaft then rotate the support arm down.
  • Extend the shaft to the tractor’s PTO. Then, let’s line up the splines with the notches.
  • Push the locking button down and engage the shaft and the coupler.
  • Test the connection, and make sure it is engaged.

Final Words

After you know what is PTO on the tractor, its uses, and its helpfulness, you certainly understand why this tool is so important and necessary to the farmer.

Hopefully, this article will bring useful information about PTO for those who are interested in this kind of support tool.