Jar Kelley

Are Pigs Ruminants?

“Are pigs ruminants” might be a question that many people care about before adopting a pig. More people tend to get a pig as a pet nowadays. Pigs are known as intelligent and capable of emotional awareness. However, owning a pig is not easy. Pigs need special handling during the time. So, we bring to…

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Can Goats Eat Oak Leaves?

While oak leaves and acorns are the primary food for many wild animals, they pose a toxicity risk to some herbivores including horses, cattle, and sheep. “Can goats eat oak leaves” has been a controversial question among goat raisers. This article is going to answer the question and give you some tips to take care…

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What Do Baby Pigs Eat?

A nutritious diet with a balanced ration for any pig is a must to achieve its potential growth and optimize your profitability. So, what do baby pigs eat? This question must be seriously taken care of as a baby pig’s health will lay a foundation for its development later. Let’s find out the answer in the following…

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