Where Do Small Farmers Sell Their Produce?

Small farms often have difficulty finding outlets for farm products. So, “where do small farmers sell their produce” is always the concern of these people.

The following article will answer these questions and tell you places for farmers to sell their produce.

Where Do Small Farmers Sell Their Produce?

Farmers’ markets

The farmer’s market is an ideal place for farmers to sell their produce. This is also a suitable place for farmers to market their crops as well as learn about the needs of their customers.

The advantage of selling at a farmer’s market is that you will find many consumers in one place. Selling a few products to many customers is always easier than selling many products to a few customers.

Find farmer’s markets within an hour’s drive so you do not waste much time on your commute. At the same time, carefully calculate the expenses you will spend so that you will not lose money when selling your products in the agricultural market.

Roadside stands

These are locations that are close to your farm and can vary according to your needs. If you do well, you can grow the roadside stalls into a small and tidy farm shop.

One thing to note when choosing roadside stands as a place to sell agricultural products is that you must choose a large, convenient road with high traffic density. Besides, you also have to know what time the customers will be the most crowded in the day.

If your stall is too small and the quantity of products is quite little, let’s combine it with others to have a richer product source. Creating an advertising panel with attractive information is also a good idea for you with this type of business.

Grocery and Health-Food stores

Grocery and Health-Food stores are good outlets for your farm product. However, this is a form of wholesale, not retail. Therefore, you need to provide more products to compensate for the reduced income and save moving time.

Getting your product to stores that have never sold local products is quite difficult. However, you can guarantee by paying a deposit or packing the product the way they want.

Alternatively, you can negotiate and choose the form of a consignment sale. The grocery and Health-Food stores help you to display and sell products. The more they sell out, the more you will ship to the stores.

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Show and fairs

A kiosk at trade shows and community events can promote your farm and increase your sales. This is a good place to make an outlet for your farm product.

These stalls are a great way to penetrate local markets, attracting new customers as well as people who have heard about your farm but have not tried the products here.

You might consider hosting some form of trade show for your stall, such as organizing cooking from your farm’s ingredients. You should also prepare cards or leaflets with a map in advance so that people know the location of the farm.


A restaurant is also an ideal place for farmers to sell their produce. This is not a retail market but usually offers better prices.

To be selected by restaurants, your product should be clean. Apart from this, the product must be diverse and usable in many different dishes.

You can talk to the chefs to find out what products they want, then bring in some samples from your farm for them to try.

Selling online

Online websites are a great place for you to sell agricultural products without going through any middlemen. You can find websites to promote your products or open your website and sell your crops directly on it.

Setting up or maintaining a website will cost you an initial expense. Although, if you have a regular source of customers, the given profit will be much greater.

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Reasons Farmers Struggle To Find The Outlet For Farm Product

  • Small farms are not convenient for shopping.
  • Small farms have no chance to access a good market.
  • The products on the small farms are usually more expensive than the supermarket.
  • Crops in small farms do not meet the needs of the consumers.
  • Small farms produce is only available during certain times of the year.
  • Small farms do not entirely meet the strict regulations on food safety and hygiene.

Final words

Finding a place for farmers to sell their produce is always difficult and requires careful consideration. This is a decisive step for the fruits of the farmer’s labor for a long time. Hopefully, this article will be helpful and provide you with lots of useful information.