How Much Would It Cost To Build An Animal Shelter?

To start building and operating an animal shelter, you might first wonder “how much would it cost to build an animal shelter?”. Calculating your costs correctly will give you better preparation before you start building them.

How Much Would It Cost To Build An Animal Shelter?

Giving an exact amount of money to set up an animal shelter is difficult because it will depend on many factors.

Below, we will try to list some estimated basic costs of building an animal shelter.

Remember that these costs will be in US dollars, so please do the conversion if you are using a different currency.

Choice of location: $42,000 –  $200,000

To build an animal shelter, you must choose a suitable location. You may even have to buy a piece of land if you do not have a specific location for your construction plan.

Your cost for an animal shelter can vary more or less depending greatly on the amount of money you spend to buy or rent a place. It is a good idea to choose a location where pedestrians can walk or that has large car parking lots.

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Utilities and amenities: $30,000 – $150,000

To make sure the animals are safe and have the right space, you should build a fence to divide it into different areas. The price of an animal shelter fence is about 38 dollars per 100 meters (wire and steel post ones).

Besides, you also need to prepare other facilities for animals such as sprinklers for bathing and cleaning, waste stations, and drainage systems.

Also, with the operation of an animal shelter, you need necessary equipment such as a computer, basic office furniture, a phone, a photocopy machine, or a surveillance camera.

The initial estimated cost to build an animal shelter will vary depending on whether you choose conventional or high-end facilities and equipment. So, consider everything carefully before choosing to make sure your budget is not worn out too much for this part.

Getting food for the animals: $20 – $60 per month

Next, you should think about preparing food for the animals. Depending on the number that your animal shelter has, this amount may increase or decrease.

Because animals like to eat different types of food, you cannot buy just one type of food. Therefore, to optimize the money you have to spend to set up an animal shelter, choose foods that are suitable for many animals.

Health and medicine: $20 – $80 per month

In the cost of an animal shelter, always plan an amount for the health and medicine of the animals.

You need to regularly check the health of the animals. Besides, they also need to be vaccinated, provided with medicine when needed. Apart from this, the necessary medical equipment will also cost a fair amount to complete your animal shelter.

Labour work of the construction and operation: $20 per hour

To build and operate an animal shelter, you certainly need support from the workforce. Most people will work for about 20 dollars an hour. If you have many people working, it will cost you more.

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Final Words

The above are the basic things you need to prepare to have an accomplished animal shelter. Let’s carefully consider how much it costs to build an animal shelter before starting to build or operate it. Hopefully,  you will get useful references from this article.