Top 10 Best Western Boot Brands For A Timeless Look

No matter if it goes with a suit or a pair of jeans, you’ll feel like a badass in your cowboy boots. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best western boot brands for you and everyone today. You get to find the old-school pair or the highest-caliber to give support for your whole foot.

Choose your favorite from them to ensure your boots meet your expectations. Their boots are comfy enough to carry you through the hard day and functional enough to offer high safety. And the pairs can bring fun and delicate designs that turn others’ heads wherever you go.

Top 10 Best Western Boot Brands For A Timeless Look

1. Lucchese

  • Founded year: 1883

Lucchese bootmaker firm is an American maker and retailer of premium western riding boots. In 1883, the company got established in San Antonio, Texas by Salvatore Sam Lucchese and his brothers. He trusted in mixing quality components with brilliant craftsmanship in the manufacturing process. And that creates the name of Lucchese boots.

Lucchese never missed using the latest technology for innovations. They also released the 125th Anniversary Boot in which 125 pairs were made and sold for $12,500 per pair.

Nowadays, most of their boots derive from a factory based in El Pasa, Texas. In this factory, Lucchese hires several artisans and craftsmen to work in different facets of the manufacturing process.

2. Justin

  • Founded year: 1879

Justin Boot Firm is the leading footwear brand name that specializes in making western boots. Since its establishment in 1879, the brand has gained praise for offering comfortable and long-lasting boots. Justin Boot became a legend in western culture while their heritage is never absent in western people.

Their skilled boot makers maintain the tradition of using high-end leather and best-quality materials. They’re also proud of their top craftsmanship and the comfort of the Justin cowboy boots. By focusing on quality, value, and integrity, Justin Boot upholds the standard of the west.

3. Ariat

  • Founded year: 1992

If you’re looking for one of the best western boot brands that focus on technology, Ariat is the top option. The brand is best known for equestrian sports and other outdoor activities with its base in Union City, California.

Ariat is the first to combine athletic footwear tech into their famous boots for equestrian athletes. Today, their top-rated team creates award-winning products for every type of environment. In other words, you can find some pairs of Mexican cowboy boots or work boots to be unique and elegant. They use techniques, lemonwood pegs, and delicate hand-stitching to make products.

4. Tony Lama

  • Founded year: 1911

Among the best western boot brands, Tony Lama is the globe’s most popular name since 1911. Tony Lama is also the founder of the company. He soon learned how to make boots and became the leader in the leather trade industry.

After settling down in Texas, he determined to build his own company in El Paso. Due to his skills and fame, he transformed the store into a boot factory.

Here, you get to experience authentic boots for men, women, and kids. Throughout history, each pair of Tony Lama is a work of art, made by hand. These boots get crafted of high-quality leather and are often inspiring.

5. Tecovas

  • Founded year: 2015

When it comes to beautiful handmade boots, Tecovas is an ideal place to come and find your favorite. The company was born from the love for cowboy boots, especially the founder, Paul Hedrick. What he valued the most are invaluable craftsmanship, durable materials, and styling that looks nice as always.

Yet, what makes Tecovas different from others is the feeling they give to each pair. It’s all about the sensation of confidence and comfort once you put a pair of boots on.

The brand gets driven by a dream to deliver timeless goods that look good and can last long for years.

6. Dan Post

  • Founded year: Mid 1960s

Dan Post is a footwear manufacturer owned by McRae Industries. Since the 1960s, the brand has produced men’s and women’s cowboy boots with high attention to detail. And this thing comes throughout 160 steps of the process.

By coming here, you get to find the comfy boots from your first steps. Each boot begins with premium skins and leathers. Above that, most of them get handcrafted with comfort and artistry.

Therefore, you can end up having a perfect pair with superior fit and handmade cushion satisfaction. With a long tradition in western footwear, let’s rely on Dan Post for the top-rated cowboy boots.

7. Ferrini

Everything related to Ferrini boots is in the best possible condition. It happens no matter if it’s from exotic leather uppers or the leather soles. As you know, the Ferrini family entered the boot-making process in Italy over 100 years ago. By partnering with the excellent shoemakers and bootmakers, they knew how to handicraft an ideal pair of boots.

Once visiting this place, you can tell that they source, select, and tan their natural leathers. Doing so guarantees your new pair is of the highest quality and condition.

Their boots are not too expensive to purchase. More than that, it ensures to give you the perfect product at a reasonable price. And your footwear still looks and feels fantastic right out of the box.

8. Smoky Mountain

  • Founded year: 1992

Western boots from Smoky Mountain are all the outcomes of careful listening to every consumer’s need for footwear. Starting in 1992, Smoky Mountain is famous for crafting fashionable and durable cowboy boots and cowgirl boots. Their footwear is perfect for working or riding in the stable.

Most successful names were born out of need, and that’s also how Smoky Mountain gets started. Whether you need classic cowboy boots, riding boots, or chore boots, you find the perfect match with Smoky Mountain.

9. Durango

  • Founded year: 1966

With 50 years of experience, the Durango boot brand has gained a reputation for its rock and roll-inspired footwear. Founded in 1966, the brand is an expert in producing western footwear for women, men, and kids. They’re based in Nelsonville, Ohio under their parent company Rocky Brands.

Durango’s philosophy is to build authentic boots with high quality and comfort for everyone to rely on. They combine the top-rated materials and advanced concepts with their decades of boot-making experience to create the best boots. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding, roping, or working, Durango boots remain perfect for whatever you do.

10. Twisted X

  • Founded year: 2005

Twisted X boots get made by a former designer of Justin boots and Ariat boots. The brand is known for crafting a multifunctional line of western boots and casual footwear. Their team strives hard to bring energy and experience to the development of each range.

They’re liable as a business to help the environment and community where they live. Twisted X succeeds in creating unique lines of shoes by incorporating styling, stability, technology, and durability.

The brand has joined all phases of the boot industry for a long time. And they keep innovating and using the best components to meet everyone’s footwear demands.

Final Words

After stepping into a pair of cowboy boots, the jeans you wear will suddenly become an actual outfit. Our roundup of the best western boot brands above is rooted in comfort. It’s the same comfort you love with a flair to fit your style. So pick your favorite among them to wear on a horse’s back, and even on stage.